A guide to Caring for your Oriental Carpet

A guide to Caring for your Oriental Carpet

1. Caring for your oriental carpet

Your investment in any of our quality handmade carpet or rugs for your home will bring many decades of joy. These are fine handmade works of art, some of them may take one to ten years to create but the skill and time has its rewards, as carpets have been known to last for centuries. Purchasing a quality handmade carpet is like owing a piece of history when you realize the man-hours that have gone into your carpet, it is worth while spending a little time learning how to care for it.

a. Floor laying instructions

When the rug is used on the floor, make sure that it is placed on a floor that is smooth, dry and clean. Many floorings these days are shiny, (i.e. wood parquet or marble) and a good rubber underlay is required to ensure that the carpet does not slide, (Can be purchased from our showroom) If the feet of your furniture are sharp, you must use protectors before putting this type of furniture on top of your rug. Rugs are sensitive to direct sunlight for a long time as if can result into fading away the colors gradually. Try to place your rug where it will be noticed and appreciated by all.

b. Weekly cleaning routine

Vacuum the carpet weekly (that does not have rotating beaters) Where powder spills occur, (sugar, salt, ash, etc) remove these immediately, before they get into the pile.Ensure that the vacuum cleaner head is clean, do not scrub the carpet, and rather draw the head in firm strokes across the carpet in the direction of the pile.

c. Monthly cleaning routine

On a monthly basis, remove the carpet from its location and vacuum the carpet on both the front and back to remove dust. Clean the area where the carpet was laid, before putting it back. If the area is washed, let it dry thoroughly first. E very alternate month ideally, the carpet should be put out in the sun to air. This will ensure that any dampness and smells are removed.

d. Annual inspection

It is always good to inspect your oriental carpet at least annually, to check for wear,insect damage, and soiling. Depending on where you have placed it in your home, it may need cleaning to maintain its beauty and value. This requires a large area, and somewhere to dry the carpet thoroughly for at least 3 days, (i.e. it is not really possible for those living in an apartment). For a small charge, our specialists can collect, clean, and return your carpet usually within the week.

e. Carpet rotation

When you put your carpet back after sunning, consider rotating it to give even wear. If you have several carpets in your home, try changing their locations to give a different mood.

2. First-aid for accidents

It is a fact of life that our most prized possessions at one time or another will suffer an accident. In the case of your carpet, this usually comes in the form of a spillage. Here we outline the basic steps to handle these. The notes are for general guidance only, and should you be unhappy about commencing these, please call our helpline at +62-21- 722-2508 for professional advice.Always keep handy a good clean absorbent old white towel – one of the most useful items to have. We suggest buying a mild detergent and good dry cleaning fluid to keep for such emergencies. Always test a cleaning solution on a small corner of the carpet – if the white towel brings away any color, S TOP and call our helpline, as professional cleaning may be required.

a. Drinks, (Wines, Beers, J uices and S oft Drinks)

These stains must be dealt with immediately, if permanent damage is to be prevented. Blot the affected area with the dry white towel, pressing firmly down on the carpet to absorb as much as possible. S tart at the edge of the stain and work inwards. Rinse the towel in warm water and sponge the stain to remove most of the liquid. Make a dilute solution of detergent, and use the towel rinsed in this to gently wash the affected area,until clean lay the pile down in the right direction before placing the carpet to dry on a flat surface in the sun. Alternatively, use a hairdryer set on low power.

b. Chocolate

Remove as much of the melted chocolate as possible first, using a blunt knife. Then follow the steps above in 2.a.

c. Nail Polish

As oriental carpets are made of natural fibers, the solvent in nail polish remover should be safe to use. Place a piece of newspaper under the carpet, as the solvent could damage parquet flooring. Carefully apply a small amount of the nail polish remover to the stain. After 5 minutes, gently blot the area with a small piece of the white cotton towel, removing the color of the nail polish. Nail polish remover is usually flammable, so do not smoke while working on this stain.

d. Grease stains, (butter, crayon, ballpoint pen, lipstick)

These are best removed with a good non-flammable dry cleaning fluid. Test this carefully on a small area of the carpet first. Apply droops of this liquid to the stain and blot with tissues. Continue this procedure until all the stain is removed.

e. Urine S tains

Use a dilute mixture of white vinegar. Apply a small amount and blot gently. Continue as long as the appearance is improving. Dry in the sun.

f. Water

If there is not excessive wetting, blot-dry with a towel as quickly as possible. Dry out in the sun for at least 3 hours. If the carpet can’t be moved, use a hairdryer or fan to accelerate drying.If you have suffered a flood, seek professional advice by calling our helpline.

g. Burns & Holes

If the carpet has been burned, it will need professional repair. Our carpet reweavers can make a carpet like new for a fraction of its original value.

3. S torage

When Oriental rugs are being stored, they should always be rolled up against the pile. The folding of rugs may damage the foundation and crush the pile if the rugs are to be stored for long time; they should be wrapped in a newspaper on a piece of cotton. It is good idea to brush the rug thoroughly before it is wrapped and possibly to spray it with camphor or anti moth preparation. In daily use a rug is unlikely to be attacked by moth.Never cover the carpet with plastic as any dampness will rot the natural fibers. S tore a carpet in a dry location, (ideally in an air-conditioned room) and have several mothballs near to ward off pests.

4. If all else fails:

Contact our team of professionals, who are there to help you. Our services include:

  • Private displays
  • Careful carpet cleaning
  • S tain removal
  • Repair of damaged carpets
  • Valuation for insurance purposes

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