These carpets utilize a range of pure vegetable dyes. When an Antique carpet is closely observed you will notice that the pile of the old rug with time has softened the dyes and has smoothened the gradation of colors from the base of the knot to the paler top of the tuft.
Wool being a natural fiber contains Latin oil which arises to the surface of an antique carpet with the passage of time. When the oil has diffuses on the surface of the carpet, it gives the carpet a beautiful shine and gives the carpet the softness that a silk carpet possesses.
It is fairly complicated to label a carpet as “Antique”. Hence, there are several classification that has been formulated.

1.) Antique: 50 years and older
2.) Semi-Antique: 30 to 99 years old
3.) Old: 20 to 99 years old
4.) Semi-Old: 10 to 50 years old
5.) Used: 1 to 10 years old
6.) New: 0 to 5 years old.