2014-01-17-21.58.15Jaipur Rugs is one of India’s largest manufacturers of hand knotted rugs. Headquartered in Jaipur, India, Jaipur is abundant in art and craft, the artisans are very talented and great workers.

Jaipur Rugs is a leading manufacturers and exporters of rugs from Jaipur, offering wide range of exclusive carpets. The company is renowned all over the world for its quality, variety and service. Each carpet prepared is exclusively and carefully hand knotted, designed or woven. The durability of the carpet depends on the material used and the expert hands that weave the master piece. The variety available includes hand tufted, wool rugs, silk rugs, hand knotted, flat woven rugs, transitional rugs, Indo Tibetan rugs, contemporary rugs, modern rugs, and décor rugs. They are a fine amalgamation of traditional Indian art magnificently integrated with modern designs. Ideal to titivate Indian dwellings and contemporary American abodes.Rugs encompass a long history. During the medieval era, the royal palaces were bejeweled with royal carpets. The beauty of the rug has been adored since decades. The traditional rugs used to raise the standards of the royal palaces. Huge courts and the royal palaces were decorated with these beauties.‘The beauty captures the attention and the personality captures the heart’. One nice trendy and colorful rug can add a charm. Rugs are such master pieces that are created after a lot of hard work and creativity. Earlier the rugs used to be very traditional and the scope of the pattern was very limited. These days huge variety of varied rugs is available all over the world. Specially, the rugs from Jaipur are known and demanded world-wide.