2014-01-17-21.58.15Qum rugs are considered to be one of the best Persian art pieces.The Qom province of Iran, 100 kilometers south of Tehran produces the finest Persian rugs available today. Qum rugs have many names; they may also be referred to as Qom rugs, Ghom rugs, or Ghum rugs.

Typically, these rugs are smaller in size, and most are hung decoratively because of the size. This use of the rug may also occur to preserve the quality of the tapestry. Antique Qum rugs are considered to have very great investment value. They generally contain silk and high quality wool. In fact, some contain two layers of silk. The pile height for the rugs is very thin, and the knot count is higher than other kinds of Persian ugs.

Often, Antique Qum rugs have 400-860 knots per square inch. The rugs are woven with jewel-toned colors, often with red, blue, andivory shades. The design of the weaving may vary. Frequent choices include tree of life and medallion motifs. Other designs may include landscapes or depictions of historic events. The lines composing the designs are typically curvilinear.