The Bakhtiari tribe inhabits the provinces of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari in Persia. Rugs and carpets woven by this tribe were, and are still produced both on a village and a workshop basis. Generally, a thick cotton foundation is used. A single, undyed or pale blue weft is favored, but double-wefted cotton goods are also found.

A polychrome, compartmented field is a favorite Bakhtiyari design and maybe regarded almost as an identifying hallmark of their work. However, it ahs been copied elsewhere, notably in Tabriz and Ghom. Weeping Willow trees are repeatedly seen on Bakhtiayari weavings, but also appear on many Tabriz carpets.

Many Bakhtyaris, particularly those from Shalem Zar, have the “garden motif” with a pattern is squares with animals, trees, and flowers.